Remote NMR (R-NMR)


Networking capacity, project meetings & future events

The present R-NMR project stems from a long tradition of networking activities involving European NMR infrastructures. The project partners have the necessary scientific expertise, resources and service offer to conduct high standard, cutting-edge research in all of the above-mentioned research fields.

The partnership comprises 25 Academic NMR research centers ( ) and an NMR developer and manufactures, that are well-organized and coordinated at local, national, and regional level. These centers have highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art instrumentation that allows their users to carry out innovative, top-quality research and will be all involved in consortium networking activities.

The R-NMR consortium provides the needed capacity for the implementation of a portfolio of procedures and technologies for remote access and measurement adoptable transversally in different research domains.

The present consortium, through the training programs and the international collaboration of its members, has the capability of deploying an effective communication strategy to modify the users’ perception of remote access, as well as the attitude of other physical infrastructures towards implementing remote control of instrumentation. Besides enhanced resilience in times of crisis and improved performance of the network facilities thanks to thorough standardization of methods, the outcomes of R-NMR ( ) will have a beneficial impact on the ecological footprint of NMR infrastructures.

Some of consortium networking activities aim to strengthen bonds between the partners within the consortium, or to reach out to external parties such as ‘industry’ and ‘new scientific communities’, and cover all the geographical regions of Europe.

A list of scheduled workshops and training courses are listed below, while the other networking activities that will be organized in the course of the project and could be of interest will be announced, as well in our page ( Additionally, announcements including project/partners achievements, related with the project can be found in our website, LinkedIn and Twitter.


MeetingPartnerPlace Date/Estimated Date
Project’s kick-off meetingCERM/CIRMMPFlorence/on-line6th July, 2022

1st Annual Meeting &

1st Training Course




July 2023

During EUROMAR 2023

2nd Annual Meeting &

2nd Training Course



To be announced

June-July 2024


3nd Annual/Final MeetingBMRZ & CIRMMPJune 2025

All partners are highly experienced in the dissemination and communication of scientific and technological output and impact, engaging the academic community, funding agencies, industrial stakeholders and the general public. All partners have a longstanding history of working collaboratively through largescale European projects. The transfer of knowledge, technology and best practices is an intrinsic commitment of this network; this will be strengthened via the activities of WP5.